What To Wear On A Hiking Date – 5 Tips To Dress For Success

Whether it’s your first date or your twenty-first date, it’s always a great idea to do something new to shake things up. If you’re looking forward to spending time together and disconnect from the rest of the world for a moment or two, then you should try out a hiking date. It is a great way to disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and give 100% of your attention to your date.

Since a hiking date is so unique, you might be wondering what to wear on a hiking date. Lucky for you, I’ve had enough hiking dates to know the ideal clothes to wear. Below are my five tips for fixing up your outfit for your hiking date!

5 Tips To Dress For Success

Tip #1: Check The Weather!

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how you’ll deal with it! Check the forecasts ahead of time and adjust accordingly. Add layers for cold weather, and take a few layers off for warm weather. For mildly rainy weather, consider bringing a raincoat or a waterproof jacket.

Be sure to be comfortable in what you wear. Remember, this is a date! Being comfortable and confident in your clothes goes a long way to making your date feel comfortable too!

Companies that produce clothes for hiking offer good-looking casual clothes that are great for the outdoors. Consider these kinds of clothing over jeans (which are heavy and warm) or leggings (which may or may not be appropriate for anything else you have planned afterward).

Tip #2: Keep It Short!

Not your clothes (though that’s not a bad idea in warm weather, as long as you stay decent!), but rather the hike itself. Since this is a date hike, you don’t want both you and your date utterly exhausted after a 15 km. hike through rugged terrain.

Consider also your partner’s experience level in hiking. If you’re familiar with his or her skill level, then that’s great. But if this hiking trip is precisely the “getting-to-know-you” part of your relationship, then a long hike isn’t the best way to discover that your partner is a novice at hiking.

As a rule of thumb, keep the hike to a length you can traverse in about half an hour at a leisurely pace. Don’t forget to factor in how worn the trail is, or if it passes through any steep sections.

Once you’ve mapped out your hike, you’ll have a better idea of what to wear, particularly for your feet. Rough trails may require you to wear boots or thick-soled rubber shoes, but walking shoes or even flats for women may be enough for well-worn trails.

Tip #3: Plan Ahead!

This applies to both you and your date. As a general rule, don’t make this hiking date a surprise. The last thing you want is for your female date to arrive in a dress and heels, or for your male date to show up in dress shoes!

If you want this hiking date to be a surprise, then at least set their expectations on what they should wear. Give them enough hints to know that they should dress comfortably for the outdoors and that your plans may require a bit of walking. Don’t let dates walk into a surprise unprepared!

Apart from the hike itself, you may also want to plan what you will do afterward. Are you planning to have a meal, perhaps dinner? You might want to adjust your wardrobe choices, as even some casual dining spots may have minimum dress codes. On the other hand, fine dining after a 30-minute hike is probably not the best idea to go for.

Tip #4: Don’t Bug Yourself!

Depending on your location, your hike trail could have quite a few insects flying about. Nothing would be more awkward or uncomfortable than spending the better part of a date hike scratching bug bites.

For these situations, long pants and a light jacket can help fend away bugs. Consider also using a light bug repellent on your clothes and for your expose skin for additional protection.

If you happen to have any, either citronella or lemongrass essential oils have bug repellent properties. A light spray on certain parts of your clothes should be enough to keep bugs at bay.

Tip #5: Stay Dry!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay dry, no matter the weather. Whether it’ll be cold or warm, keeping moisture away from your body should be top of mind when picking your hiking date outfit.

Consider clothes made of synthetic, “wick-away” material that draws moisture away from your body. Apart from potentially embarrassing “sweaty” situations, these kinds of clothes help you regulate your body temperature better. Moisture in your clothes draws heat away from your body, so if your clothes are damp and the weather is cold, you’ll be feeling colder than you’ll want to in no time!

Happy Trails!

I often go on hiking dates with my husband. We always appreciate the chance to switch our gadgets off and talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company. And with the tips I just shared, I hope you have an enjoyable hiking date too!

What are your experiences in hiking dates? Do you have any other tips on how to choose what to wear on a hiking date? Leave a comment below and share this article if you enjoyed it!

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